Poet Rao Ajat Shatru of Lakecity, rich in words and poems


In the world of Hindi Poetry and Kavi Sammelans, Ajatshatru from Udaipur is one of the most talked about members of the community. He is loved by the people because of the way he not only entertains, but also fulfils his duty to the people by writing on many sensitive topics.

His poem on Coronavirus spread like a wildfire amongst lakhs of people, also the poem on highly controversial Bengal elections grabbed a lot of attention of the public as well.
Since the last three decades, Ajatshatru has been a pioneer in his field. From India to many foreign countries and on tons of news channels, Ajatshatru has been in a constant contact with the people through his poetry. Many of his books have been published, in which ‘Aadhi Katori Chaandni’ and ‘Chunaavi Gorakhdandha’ is loved by masses. His work is really appreciated by many people from around the world, and has gathered a big fanbase.
Ajatshatru owes his writing style to his elder brother Ugrasen Rao, and his sister, Pushpa Rao. Goverdhan Singh, his father himself was a poet hence the talent was passed onto him which combined with his hardwork has gotten him so much recognition.

In a conversation, he said that “Poetry is not written, it is bestowed upon you by the gods. You are just a medium. If you are chosen, you should appreciate and accept it with all the humbleness.”
His poems like Kavita Zindabad, Gora Baadal Rajasthan, Facebook Jaisa Face have reached many hearts and he feels that this is bigger than any award.

For the new and upcoming generation of poetry, Ajatshatru thinks that the idea of ‘Burn quick, erased easily’ is prevalent. People choose to take shortcuts which can be disastrous. He thinks that spending more time on reading, visiting libraries, and many other practices that inspire the writer in you should be done. Afterall, books give shape to generations.


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